Interested in learning how to use your Alfa Romeo infotainment system? Below you will find an informative video and guide covering the basics of operating your new infotainment system.

How to Use Your Alfa Romeo Infotainment System

The Alfa Romeo infotainment system is operated by a series of buttons below the shifter and on your steering wheel.

  • Radio/Media Operation: You will find the radio/media control button just below the shifter. Push and hold to turn on/off volume, turn the button to adjust volume, or tap it left or right to cycle through radio stations or media tracks. Tap the larger rotary pad back to open and close the radio presets. Additional radio/media controls can be found on the steering wheel.
  • Menu Operation: The large black rotary pad located below the shifter lets you navigate the system's menu. Turn it like a dial to scroll, tap it left or right to swipe through a screen, or push down on the pad to confirm a selection.
  • Multitasking Menu: Tap the rotary pad forward open and close the multitasking menu where you can choose between media, phone, navigation, apps, and settings from anywhere in the system.
  • Steering Wheel Controls: Additional system controls can be found on the steering wheel. They let you activate the phone, use voice commands, turn the volume up or down, or cycle through the radio/media tracks.

To learn more about your Alfa Romeo infotainment system, how to set up Alfa Romeo Bluetooth, or Alfa Romeo infotainment apps, feel free to give us a call to speak with a knowledgable team member.

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